If you found your way to our website then it is plainly clear that issues related with clean air are close relevant to you. Humanity, in its strive to improve our life quality, constantly comes up with new solutions. These in turn are intended to make our life easier, more enjoyable and longer.

All of us appreciate comfort – both at home and in the workplace. The more effective, simple and less costly the solutions the better. The less material, the less noticeable the better – like air itself…

This artificial environment all around us, be it a park, a garden, apartment or office facility share one common trait – the lack of biological mass. This effectively means that without the human interference degradation is inevitable. In modern housing and office facilities heating, AC and other ventilation systems which are installed oftentimes generate a number of problems, problems which may lead to adverse effects. The Sick Building Syndrome, otherwise referred to as SBS is a term coined precisely to this phenomenon. It comes down to encompass all adverse effects caused by physical, chemical, biological and psychological factors related to any given building structure. According to some studies, up to 70% of modern building users complain on the three major SBS symptoms: eye dryness, sour throat and head pain.

What is the cause of these symptoms? Why do they occur in modern housing? The answer is plainly simple – the cause is in the air. The air in these building generates these symptoms. You do not only breath in oxygen – this is followed by an influx of various unseen particles, including, but not limited to various allergy inducing substances.

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