Black Water Services

The Margo-Vent method of descaling sawage pipes involves the application of a mild custom-made detergent that dissolves urine stone. This product is odourless, non-toxic, inflammable and non-explosive.

It is not subject to the regulations of the ADR Convention (International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). Moreover, it is neutral for the elements of a vacuum system: steel, aluminium, rubber, EPDM, PP, PE and PU. In addition, it is easily and completely biodegradable, and does not damage the biological sediment of marine sewage plants. Last but not least, our preparation is an excellent medium for microorganisms in biological sediments.

The vacuum cleaning service we render involves the application of a cleaning agent (in spray form) directly to every toilet. No disassembly of toilets, fittings or pipes is necessary. Importantly, in the course of our service a toilet does not need to be out of operation. Cleaning is compatible with the normal operations of a ship. The time of service depends exclusively on the level of clogging of sewage-blackwater pipes.

Checkpoints are prepared for controls; they are located in all sections that are most exposed to clogging, in the horizontal parts of the vacuum system. The final effect of the service is ideally clean sewage-blackwater pipes, 100% free of sedimentation, and completely dissolved sediments in marine sewage tanks. This effect is guaranteed.