We are very proud our experience with marine industry (Ventilation Hygiene Services & Black Water Services) - this is our Testimonials since only a few years :

1.     Envik SMT Shiping cement carrier

2.     Fiordvik SMT Shiping cement carrier

3.     Sunnavik SMT Shiping cement carrier

4.     Ostanvik SMT Shipping cement carrier

5.     Cemstar SMT Shipping cement carrier

6.     SevenFalcon offshore support

7.     Seven Phoenix offshore pipe layer

8.     NeptunViking offshore support

9.     Sylur offshore support

10.   Seaway Phoenix PipeLayer

11.   IleDeBrehat  Cable Layer

12. SpiritofBritishColumbia BCF PAX ferry

13. SpiritofVancouverIsland BCF PAX ferry

14. Finnmaid Finline PAX ferry

15. FinnStar Finnline PAX ferry

16. Mazovia Polferry PAX ferry

17. Peter Pan TT line PAX ferry

18. Pride of Burgundy P&O (2017+2019) PAX ferry

19. Pride of Canterbury P&O PAX ferry

20. European Seaways P&O RO-Ro PAX ferry

21. Stena Superfast X StenaLine PAX ferry

22. Stena Flavia StenaLine PAX ferry

23. Stena Ghotica StenaLine PAX ferry

24. Stena Nordica StenaLine PAX ferry

25. Stena Scandinavica StenaLine PAX ferry

26. Stena Spirit StenaLine PAX ferry

27. StenaVision StenaLine PAX ferry

28. Stena Urd StenaLine PAX ferry

29. Stena Scandica StenaLine PAX ferry

30. Stena Baltica StenaLine PAX ferry

31. Berlin Scandlines RO-PAX ferry


33. Selandia Seaways DFDS Ro-Ro ferry

34. EuropeanSeaways RO-PAX ferry

35. TomSawyer TTLine RO-PAX ferry

36. MarcoPolo TTLine RO-PAX ferry

37. Ulysses Irishferry RO-PAX ferry

38. ML Freja Ro-Pax ferry

39. HORDAFOR VII chemical tanker

40. VALDIMAR H fisching ship

41. Amundsen Spirit Crude Oil Tanker

42. Nansen Spirit Crude Oil Tanker

43. Bow Frida Tanker

44. Petro Nordic Tanker

45. Petro Atlantic Tanker

46. KeySouth chemical tanker

47. Corinthian cruise

48. Nordnorge cruise

49. RockPiper cargo

50.   HanglandBona cargo

51. AvaD container ship